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MLHS Athletics Hall of Fame

Medical Lake High School Athletic Hall of Fame is being established to begin a rally to support today's Medical Lake Student Athletes and enhance the image of public education and athletics in Medical Lake School District.


The Medical Lake High School Athletic Hall of Fame is an activity which honors our proud graduates.  The people inducted in the Hall of Fame are distinguished alumni of Medical Lake High School who have made outstanding contributions in their high school years and in their chosen career paths.  They serve as excellent role models for today's student athletes.


Hall of Fame Committee Membership shall be comprised of the current MLHS Athletic Director who will hold a permanent position on the committee as long as he/she is MLHS Athletic Director (the MLHS Athletic Director will be a nonvoting member of the committee unless a tie vote occurs) and ten community members who support recognition of past MLHS athlete's accomplishments both in their high school years and their career path.


Officers of MLHS Hall of Fame Committee shall be Chairperson and Secretary/Treasurer. The officers shall be nominated from the current membership and elected by the "supermajority" (8 members) of votes. The meetings  shall be conducted according to Roberts Rules of Order.  At the end of each meeting, the next meeting date shall be selected.


The Hall of Fame committee reviews all submitted applications of candidates who wish to be considered for nomination. Guidelines stipuiate that the candidate must have been graduated from Medical Lake High School for a period of ten years before being considered for nomination in the Hall of Fame.


Nominations for consideration for Medical Lake High School Athletic Hall of Fame are accepted as an ongoing basis. Nominee's applications remain eligible for consideration for five years, after which time the nominee's application must be updated if the applicant wishes to remain an active applicant.

Potential MLHS Hall of Fame recipients will need to have a sponsor submit an "Athletic Nomination Form".


The athlete will be given an Athletic Questionnaire to fill out after the committee members have determined the athlete has met the "Nomination Criteria".

Voting for inductees-all committee members will be notified (email, phone call or mail) when the meeting for voting will be scheduled and stress the importance of members being present for this voting.  There must be a "supermajority" of members present (8 members) in attendance in order for the voting to take place.  If there is not a "supermajority" in attendance, the voting will be postponed until the next meeting repeating the notification process.  If there is a tie vote, the present MLHS Athletic Director will cast the deciding vote.


The Hall of Fame committee announces their selection in July of each year. Each selected nominee will receive a letter announcing they have been chosen to be inducted into Medical Lake High School Hall Of Fame Class for the current year induction. The induction ceremony takes place on Alumni Recognition Night, scheduled to coincide with the high school's annual homecoming weekend in September or October.


The weekend of MLHS Hall of Fame induction shall consist of: Friday evening, introduction of the inductees at the half-time of the football game, a social after the game in honor of the current class to be inducted. Saturday evening dinner followed by the induction of the current class into Medical Lake High School's Hall of Fame. Each inductee will receive two tickets for the Saturday evening's dinner event, a personal plaque, and a t-shirt to remember the event.

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